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Last week John XXIII College, along with other Universities and Colleges around Australia, received the results released by the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in and around Universities. As the Head of College, I was personally saddened by the figures that showed how many students and residents had experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault in residential colleges like our own and on University campuses.
 On the 1st of August, the Vice Chancellor of the University that our college is affiliated with released a message to the ANU community. This message said sorry, “Sorry to any student, to any staff member, to any member of our alumni community who has experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault on our campus.”
Here at John XXIII College we too feel it is important to say sorry. We say sorry to our residential community members past and present who have experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault at John XXIII College. Over our 50 operational years, we know many residents and staff have passed through John XXIII College and we want to apologise to anyone we’ve let down, who’s been assaulted, offended and harassed at our college.
John XXIII College accepts completely the findings and recommendations of the AHRC report.  As an affiliated college we have already agreed to and welcome the external ANU review that is recommendation number 9 in the AHRC report.
Since the results were released, we have been meeting with our Student Leaders to hear from them. They provided the college with a list of detailed recommendations that John XXIII college is able to work with. We are deeply grateful to our Student Leaders and Residents for the work, effort and thought put into these recommendations.
We hope to continue to collaborate with the student leaders and our residents, to actively prevent and address unacceptable behaviour on our college and to support survivors. We believe everyone has the right to be treated fairly, with respect and free from threatening or inappropriate behaviour.

John XXIII College is more than just a place to eat & sleep - It’s a place where residents become a part of a vibrant social community and make friends for life!

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John XXIII College is a vibrant & caring Catholic community in the Dominican tradition. We provide you with the ideal environment to begin & continue your tertiary studies: a balanced well rounded university experience, nurturing sport & creative talent, academic study and support and helping communities in need.

A fully catered residential college, John XXIII was established in 1967 on the site of Lennox House, at the Australian National University (ANU) prior to its construction at 51 Daley Road in 1969. The College was founded by the Order of Preachers (Dominicans) and was named after Pope John XXIII (1958-63). The four pillars of the Dominican Charism (community, spirituality, learning, service), underpin the life of the College.