The College worked hard throughout 2013 to establish the John XXIII College Alumni.  The College would like to welcome all alumnus of the College to join.

The re-invigoration of the Alumni is a large part of the College’s renewed focus on its history and foundation. The Alumni Project ties in with a larger initiative called The Spirit where the College seeks to document its past & current history.

The John XXIII College Residents’ Association has created the position of Alumni Representative to act as a link between alumni and residents to maximise the benefits and opportunities that residents can obtain from their Alumni, oversee the organization of no fewer than two Alumni events per year, and to assist the College in building and maintaining a strong alumni network and focus.

The College is determined to develop an enduring presence and legacy in the lives of its Residents and Ex-residents, the ANU and the wider Canberra community.

Our current Alumni Representative sustains relationships necessary for a strong and thriving Alumni, to continue the Johns tradition of community and learning, and to revive the intellectual and professional charters that are so much a part of the history of John XXIII College.

We are hoping to utilize your Linked In network to find and reconnect with Johns Ex-Residents to enrich the private lives and careers of our Alumni and current Residents. Your help in this endeavor is much appreciated. If you are networked with any Johns Ex-Residents, please help us to build a strong and resourceful Alumni Association by passing on this link to join the conversation.

We would be very happy to welcome you back to College in person when you are next in Canberra – for a tour, meal and a chat.

For further information on Alumni Events or Joining the John XXIII College Alumni, please contact our Conferences & Events Officer on 02 6125 6908 today!