College Board

On Friday 7 August the ACT Supreme Court made a decision and the College Board met and released the following statement.

The Board of John XXIII College extends its sympathy to the students affected in the matter of SMA and John XXIII College. Any further support required by these (former) students will be facilitated. The Board is also mindful of the well-being of current residents and will ensure that College management works to support them where required.

The Board of John XXIII College would like to assure the wider community that strong steps have been taken to enhance policies and practices that foster a culture of safety for residential care and learning. Clear evidence exists that current students do feel safe. This is always our priority.

The Board will consider the extensive Judgement of Justice Elkaim and will respond in a prompt and purposeful manner. This response will continue to include working closely with college management, the student body and the ANU.

On Behalf of the College Board
John Harris

Residents Association President

The President of the Residents Association also released the following statement

As a leader in the community, we have a zero-tolerance attitude on both hazing and sexual assault or harassment. We are working hard with the College, practically and culturally, to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

We stand with survivors of sexual assault and harassment and acknowledge the strength it takes to speak out. We stand also for education, equality and justice. Though important, it is not simply enough to have consequences, we must prioritise prevention.

Over the past few years, the members of the John XXIII Community have recognised the need for change and actively moved towards bettering the status quo. We do not remain ignorant to destructive social norms and any role they previously played in our college. Student advocacy has instigated a positive cultural shift, also leading to major improvements in SASH policy and procedure in accordance with best practice and in practical safety measures at events and at night. These are a mark of progress, not completed, and this agenda will not slow.

Saskia Heath,
John XXIII Residents Committee President