Having closely examined the recent Judgement by the ACT Supreme Court, the John XXIII College Board is taking prompt measures to strengthen its processes relating to student welfare.

To ensue this process is effective, the Board will consult with key stakeholders, including residents of John XXIII College, and the Australian National University executive.

The Board is committed to providing a safe environment for the wellbeing of our residents as well as the provision of academic support. The College Board and management will undertake a comprehensive review of its governance. There will also be a review of the policies now in place for the conduct of student activities.

This will involve close collaboration with our residents.

To ensure transparency, the Board will provide regular updates. An independent body will be appointed to report on all College governance processes.

The College has in recent years instituted reforms to deal with issues inconsistent with the safe and supportive environment the College community seeks and expects. During this process, additional staff have been appointed to support College residents both academically and emotionally. The level of staffing is in accordance with best practice systems for colleges in Australia.

A new management team will build on the ongoing reform process, and the College’s important relationship with the ANU executive, to ensure that the College meets the aspirations of its residents, their families and the broader community.

Mr Geoff Johnston has ceased his duties as Head of College and Ms Cris Clucas has accepted a position as interim Head of College. Cris is an experienced administrator who was previously Head of College at Wamburun Hall, ANU.

Mr Jeremy Mutton will act as the interim Deputy Head of College.

The John XXIII College community is determined to provide a safe, supportive environment in which resident students can enjoy a rich learning and social experience while at ANU.

On Behalf of the College Board
John Harris