The John XXIII College Board would like to update the community about the 2020 court case and recent decision to appeal. All aspects of the legal proceedings are determined and carried out by the College’s insurer. John XXIII College has limited control over these proceedings.

In noting this appeal the Board and College leadership does not in any way condone irresponsible behaviour and in particular has zero tolerance for sexual misconduct and assault. John XXIII College will continue to offer support to prior residents of the College and members of our wider community in relation to the court case. The Board continues to take measures to review its Governance and strengthen its processes relating to student welfare.

It is the Board’s understanding that as the position stands today aspects of the 2020 judgement will significantly affect the administration of University Colleges generally as well as any institution having oversight over adults individually or in groups. From a legal perspective there are matters and determinations raised in the judgement which do not provide certainty on the responsibilities of Colleges and similar institutions which need to be further clarified and resolved.

At this time it is not possible to be precise as to when the appeal will be held but further information will be provided when it is available.