All new and returning residents who live in a COVID hotspot will need to quarantine for 14 days before they are allowed to cross the border into ACT. Move-in day for first-year residents is Sunday 7 February, so if you live in a hotspot and you want to move in on Sunday 7 February, you will need to be ready to quarantine by 23 January (you will need to be in quarantine by 24 January at the latest).

Check-in day for returning residents is Sunday 14 February. If you want to check in on that day you will need to be ready to quarantine by 30 January (you will need to be in quarantine by 31 January at the latest).

Please check the ANU websites below for the latest information. ANU is hoping to provide places for ANU students to quarantine in UniLodge, with priority given to new students.

ANU will continue to update its COVID-19 website with the most relevant information, including travel advice and the latest updates to the ANU community.

If you have an enquiry relating to returning to campus you can contact the relevant ANU area:

If you are an external JohnXXIII resident (University of Canberra, ADFA, or Australian Catholic University, you will need to organise your quarantine. Contact ACT Health to confirm what you need to do to quarantine successfully and cross the border.

Stay safe. We look forward to welcoming our new and returning residents in February 2021.
J23 staff