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John XXIII College is a fully catered men’s and women’s Catholic Residential College affiliated by statute with the Australian National University. Of the two independent Colleges at the University, it was first to establish, affiliating with the ANU in 1967. John XXIII was established on the site of Lennox House, at the ANU prior to its construction at 51 Daley Road in 1969. The College was founded by the Order of Preachers (Dominicans) and was named after Pope John XXIII (1958-63). John XXIII College has always enjoyed both an independence from and a healthy, collaborative partnership with the ANU.  It is a community of scholars which enjoys a unique sense of purpose and ethos distinct from but complementing the broader university experience.

Respect for Christian values is presumed of all College members as is a serious commitment to learning and to fostering one’s intellectual growth, whether that growth comes of formal studies or through realising the advantages of living within a scholarly community. At John XXIII College, Residents’ academic success is the primary focus, but this is achieved through the spiritual, cultural, sporting and social development of the whole person. Each plays a vital role in the community life enjoyed by College members. The College believes that academic success is borne of one nurturing one’s whole self which in turn sustains us as a uniquely independent community of Christian scholars at Australia’s premier university, living with the Four Pillars of our founding Dominican Fathers: Community, Spirituality, Learning and Service. John XXIII College is a vibrant & caring Catholic community in the Dominican tradition.

Our motto is VERITAS VI VERITATIS – truth will conquer

John XXIII College is a world of opportunities to get involved!

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