Senior Management

GEOFF JOHNSTON – Head of College & CEO
Master of Arts (Education)
Master of Education (Educational Leadership)
Goeff_JohnstonBachelor of Education
Diploma of Teaching
Certificate of Teaching

Geoff, joining the College on the 29th of June 2015, has had an extensive experience in secondary schools from Principal (7 1/2 Years) at Trinity Senior High School to recently completing over 10 successful years as Master & CEO at a Residential College in NSW.

The Head of College is the Chief Executive Officer of the College and is employed by the Board and responsible to the Board through the Chair or his/her Delegate.  The Head of College, as the CEO of the College, is singularly responsible to the Board for:

  • The articulation and modelling of a vision and core practice of the College that is infused with the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, the Dominican charism and informed by management best practices;
  • The leadership and sound management of all aspects of College operations including, but not limited to, the business, disciplinary, academic, administrative and pastoral/community operations of the College consistent with the vision and core practices as above;
  • Fostering an environment in which the centrality of community and the academic, spiritual, cultural, social and sporting development of all its residents may best take place
  • The implementation of established and new board polices and decisions;
  • Reporting to the Board in a manner agreed by the Board and consistently sufficient for the Board to appraise the Head of College and College performances.

Deputy Head of College

The Deputy Head of College assists the Head of College & CEO in the administration of the College. She has responsibility for Student Services and as such oversees the provision of pastoral care, student support and guidance. The Deputy Head has responsibility for the maintenance of discipline and good order at the College in consultation with the Head of College. The Deputy Head manages the Senior Resident Programme and has overall responsibility for development and implementation of the cultural, social and academic life of the College.

ALICIA JEFFREY – Business Manager: Finance & Human  Resources; John XXIII College Company Secretary
AliciaB-10112014A.A.S. Management: Banking & Finance
Diploma of Human Resources

With qualifications in Financial Management and Human Resources, Alicia joined the senior management team in 2009 after 5 years of service as the Senior Accountant for another Not-For-Profit, religious organisation.  Alicia has over 20 years of experience in administration, financial management and human resources.

The Role of the Business Manager is primarily related to the management of all aspects of the financial affairs of the College and related issues and to provide support and advice in the areas of finance, business, human resources and personnel management to all Staff.  The role is a significant leadership position and as such is a member of the Leadership Team of the College and heads the Administrative Services Team.  The Business Manager, acting as Company Secretary, attends all Board Meetings as well as relevant Board Sub Committees; works with the Head to promote and develop the concept of family and community; and ensures that all staff work collaboratively and co-operatively to support the One College philosophy.

WILLIAM (Trad) WALLACE – Operations Manager
william_wallaceAssociate Diploma Hotel Management
Certificate IV in Occupational Health & Safety

With over 35 years of experience in Hospitality, Trad has been providing the College and Residents with his expertise since 2006.

Reporting to the Head of College, the Operations Manager supports, supervises and coordinates the Catering and Building Services Teams, which provide essential services to staff and students in all areas of the College.