Welcome Message from the Head of College

John XXIII College, fondly known as Johns, is a Catholic residential college that over the last 50 years has provided a full university experience to both men and women who are undertaking studies at the ANU or other Canberra universities.    It has been a home away from home for thousands of students who have gone on to serve in the professions around the country.   The website that awaits you will give you a taste of life at Johns and insight into what it means to live at Johns and to be from Johns.  I would also like to encourage you to come and visit us at ANU, talk to some of our residents and see for yourself what is special about Johns.

As a fully catered Collegiate College Johns provides you with more than just accommodation.

We are a multi-faith, multi-cultural and inclusive community which accepts students from all over the world as well as from each state and territory of Australia.  Our special ethos, what we call the Johns spirit and camaraderie, underpins and sustains our sense of community, this creates a family atmosphere where our residents feel at home and supported by each other.

With a convenient location, excellent facilities and academic support program Johns residents consistently achieve the best results possible in their field of study.   We support our residents both pastorally and academically, so they are best able to meet the challenges of university study and life in general.   To achieve this, the College has the best staffed Student Services Department at the ANU that looks after our residents with a strong emphasis on their well-being, safety and security through an extensive pastoral support network.

With our chapel and on-site chaplain each resident has the chance to explore their faith and to worship.

In addition, the College offers its residents opportunities to take on leadership roles, to participate in community service activities and engage in a broad range of cultural, sporting and social activities.   There is something for everyone here at Johns.

I hope to be able to welcome you to the College in the very near future and that your stay with us enriches and nourishes your studies at university.   University is about so much more than academic success and at Johns you will find much more.   You will make friends for a lifetime, establish networks that will ease your transition into your working life and come to think of College as your home at the ANU.


Geoff Johnston