Each year the College awards a number of scholarships to new residents.  These include:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) Equity Scholarships

The John XXIII College Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) Equity Scholarship Programme co-partners the Tjabal Indigenous Higher Education Centre and the Yalari Foundation in improving access to higher education for Indigenous Australian students who choose to study at the ANU.   The Programme will offer up to four Indigenous Equity Scholarships, so that there will be up to four scholarship recipients at the College in any one calendar year.   The scholarships are full remissions of the accommodation and catering fees payable on a standard room for residence at John XXIII College for the academic year.

Note: any part of a scholarship that is unused may not be converted to a cash value.


IT Newcom Scholarship

Each year the IT Newcom Foundation gives Indigenous Australians an opportunity to continue the education journey through university.    These scholarships are available at 3 universities and the recipient is required to live in the nominated college at the university.   At ANU the College is John XXIII College.

Those wishing to apply for this scholarship need to apply to study at ANU, apply to stay at John XXIII College and apply to the IT Newcom Foundation for the scholarship.