Message From The Chaplain

To all those involved with “Johns” or who hope to be involved!

Over 50 years ago the Fathers and Brothers of the Dominican Province of Australasia established John XXIII College. As Dominicans, they had inherited an 800 year old tradition in the search for knowledge, a knowledge that would lead to the best and most effective forms of human living – both for themselves and for the whole world. The point about the Dominican form of scholarly life which the founders of Johns valued so highly, was and still is, that it is essentially a community life.

What holds this community life together is the shared belief that the world (or universe) is created and designed to work in a certain way. This is reflected in our College motto “Veritas vi Veritatis”. The Dominican secret to an effective and contented life is to understand what is the reality (‘veritas’) of the world around us and of all its various components, and to act in harmony with that ‘reality’ or ‘veritas’.

So, bearing in mind that ‘veritas’ means both truth and reality, one way to translate our motto could be: It is true because it is real or perhaps It is true because it is there.

The various official policies of John XXIII College emerge out of the concept that our community here has its roots deep within the Creator of all, to whom Pope St John XXIII dedicated his whole life.

The great reminder and symbol of what our College relationships should really be, is the Chapel that stands in front of the College. As Chaplain, I hope that life at Johns will always go well for staff and residents (including me!). and when things are going well, it will be a sign that the College is living its motto i.e. living in harmony with the great Veritas or Reality (whom we usually call ‘God), who has created us all. And living in harmony with the Great Reality will ensure that we live in harmony with each other.

Wishing you all many Divine blessings,
Fr Laurie Foote OP