St. Vincent de Paul

The St. Vincent de Paul Executive Officer is:

Karl Peric

The St. Vincent dDe Paul Executive Officer is a prestigious leadership role at John XXIII College.  The St. Vincent de Paul Executive Officer is a person who will help to make a difference in the lives of students and to the lives of those who the conference assists.  The College Administration expects the St. Vincent de Paul Executive Officer to act as role model for all residents and encourage the development of a caring and involved community which supports the development of a family atmosphere.

The office is a scholarship appointed position and is afforded at the discretion of the College and carries with it obligations to act not only in accordance with specific duties, but also the utmost good faith through conduct which reflects positively on the College.  The St. Vincent de Paul Executive Officer will be expected to support Administration and comply with all staffing requirements.

The Executive Officer is responsible for implementing the directives of John XXIII Colleges St. Vincent de Paul Conference (St. Dominic’s Conference) and to that end works closely with its President and elected committee. The Executive Officer is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Conference.

Key Responsibilities are:

  • Administration – The Executive Officer is required to carry out routine administrative tasks ensuring all St. Vincent de Paul’s reporting requirements are met. This includes but is not limited to financial record keeping, and preparation of various reports and statements as necessary.
  • Engagement with New & Existing Members – The Executive Officer is the first port of call for current member and new member enquiries; therefore it is of vital importance that these exchanges are conducted professionally and with a high level of customer service. Maintenance of the member database and email site are tasks that are of the utmost importance in terms of keeping our members informed, connected and satisfied with the Conference. The Executive Officer will be responsible for preparing and distributing regular correspondence and communication including newsletters, member’s updates and annual surveys.
  • Marketing / Promotion – Prepare marketing, promotional and advertising material by liaising with relevant stakeholders ensuring timely distribution to the Conference committee, our members, sponsors and other relevant stakeholders / groups as required.
  • Policy & Procedure Development – Work with the Conference committee to develop and maintain concise, relevant and up to date policies and procedures for the Conference.
  • Event Organisation – Each year the Conference will hold a number of events for members and non-members associated with the tertiary residential sector. These activities include, but are not limited to, a bi-annual conference, assisting with the organisation of an ANU market day stall, regional forums, workshops, training days and seminars. These events primarily aim to increase the professional knowledge of those engaged with St. Vincent de Paul by providing professional development opportunities and exposure to services, issues, and challenges facing our community.
  • Fundraising – The Executive Officer will help to organize and run events where fundraising will occur i.e. bbq’s

Additional Duties & Expectations include:

  • Serve the Conference as a committee and conference member;
  • Attend all committee and conference meetings where possible;
  • Act under the direction of the St. Dominic’s Conference President and Executive;
  • Produce a monthly newsletter informing the Conference on recent activities and upcoming events; call for submissions and photographs for the newsletter;
  • Keep records organised and accessible, and store information/records safely;
  • Compile and keep an updated contact list of volunteers;
  • Compile and keep an updated contact list of St. Vincent de Paul contacts;
  • Produce quarterly reports to the John XXIII College Board, or as otherwise required;
  • Oversee the activity sub-committees with the President;
  • Organise and conduct a handover, with handover document, for the further Executive Officer;
  • Support the decisions made by those present at committee meetings.

The St. Vincent de Paul’s Executive Officer will be actively involved in the planning, organising and delivery of such activities and to that end may be required to travel on behalf of the Conference.