College Communication with Residents


The Residents’ Portal (PelicanNet) is the online hub of the College.    It is used as a means of communicating messages and events to the whole College community.   You should check the site regularly for information on what is happening around the College.  Remember this is the College’s principle form of communication between College Administration, Student Leadership Teams (including Senior Residents, Academic Advisors, Resident Association, Academic Tutors & IT) and Residents.

To login to the site go to PelicanNet and use your network username and password.   If you do not know these details or have forgotten them, contact the John XXIII College IT Consultant and they will assist you.


College Meetings

Whole College meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every term.  They are held in the Dining Room and start at 6.30pm.

These meetings are where the residents are brought up to date on issues that are of concern at that time.  It is therefore important and expected that all residents are in attendance at these meetings.

On rare occasions when there is an urgent matter to discuss a whole of College meeting may be called during the semester.


Via Student Leaders

Each week during the term the student Services team will have meetings with the SRs and AAs.  One of the agenda items is always what information and reminders need to be given to our residents.  Thus, it is important for you to keep in regular contact with your SR and AA so they can pass on these messages to you.




Facebook is a common means for different groups to keep in contact.   The College has a Facebook platform, each of the SRs have one for their corridor and each of the AAs have one to communicate with their groups.   The RA also have different pages to keep you up to date on their activities.  So, keep connected.


Drop in

Don’t forget the best way to stay connected is for you to just drop in and have a chat.   The HOC and the Student Services team keep their doors open when they are available.  Don’t be afraid to drop in and say hello.   The SRs and AAs are also available when their room doors are open.   The office is an area where can collect your parcels and ask questions,  But most importantly drop in on your friends and neighbours and keep connected.