Getting Your Mail

Mailboxes & Parcel Collection

Incoming mail is sorted Monday to Friday and placed in the mailboxes outside the front foyer. Registered articles and parcels will be held at the Front Office and may be collected during business hours. Lost keys will will incur a $25 replacement fee.

Mail Forwarding

Mail will not be re-directed during holiday times. However, at the end of a Resident’s Contract a Resident’s mail can be re-directed within Australia for 30 days once forms and payment of a $10.00 re-direction fee are processed at the Front Office.

Mail Redirection Request Form

Please complete this form and pay $10 at the Front Office if you wish to have your domestic mail redirected at the end of your contract period. Mail bill only be redirected for a maximum of 30 days for both returning and non-returning Residents. Mail will NOT be redirected until the $10 fee has been paid.
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Mail Redirection Form