Living in a Community

College Noise Policy

From 10.30pm to 8.00am every night, the College is under Quiet Time conditions.

All Residents are reminded that any unreasonable noise compromises the quality of the environment fellow residents enjoy.   Amplified music, open windows, loud televisions, shouting, conversations outside other residents’ rooms, musical instruments, returning to College late at night and speaking above a whisper in the corridors are all examples of behaviours that could impact upon the quiet enjoyment of other Residents who may be studying or sleeping.

Excessive noise is unacceptable at any time in the residential block.   As a guide, if the noise can be heard outside your room it is deemed excessive.


Absolute Quiet Time (AQT)


  1. The mid semester examination weeks (the week either side of the mid semester break);
  2. The last week of each semester and the STUVAC period leading up to the end of semester exams;
  3. The entire end of semester examination period.

The College requires all residents to be particularly sensitive to the need for quiet and productive study time.


Thus, Quiet Time will be in effect 24 hours a day. This is called Absolute Quiet Time (AQT) and is non-negotiable.


This means:

  1. Any resident who makes a noise at this time is in breach of AQT.
  2. Social gatherings are not permitted in the residential block during AQT.
  3. No areas of College are exempt from AQT conditions at any time.


Any conduct that compromises AQT may result in a large financial sanction and be placed on Behavioural Probation, which will jeopardise a resident’s ability to return the following year.



Residents who lock themselves out of their room or the residential block will be let back in by the Duty Officer (between 5pm – 9am) or SRs when available (between 9am – 5pm).   Residents may also be let back into their rooms by the Night Porter.  Once they are let into their room the resident will be required to produce their room FOB key.   If the Resident cannot produce their FOB key, the Resident will be required to buy a new one.   A lock out fee of up to $10 may apply.



Residents are welcome to invite a friend and/or family member to stay at College for up to three consecutive nights.   A resident may host one guest at a time in their room.   All guests must be registered by the resident in the Accommodation Register located at the Front Office.  Outside office hours, the resident should advise the Duty Officer of the guest’s arrival.

Residents can hire a mattress (linen not supplied) for their guests for $5 per night and invite them to enjoy a meal in the Dining Hall as well.  For meals, the hosting resident must complete the Meal Register located at the servery prior to their guest eating.  All payments are to be made to the Front Office.   The following payments are required:

  • Snack Time $6.00
  • Breakfast $15.00
  • Lunch $15.00
  • Dinner $20.00

Guests are subject to all rules and regulations of the College.  Hosting residents are responsible for seeing that the behaviour of their guests conforms to College standards.  The resident hosting the guest is also liable for their guest’s behaviour and sanctions.


  • No Resident may host a guest during Induction Week, O-Week, Bush Week or Johns Week.


Hosting or Convening Parties With External Guests

Residents may not convene parties that are attended by external guests without the permission of the DHOC.   Examples of “convening parties” includes inviting guests to the College to consume alcohol in College Common Areas or in the residents’ rooms.



Social Media Guidelines

To keep social media enjoyable and lively, please respect the rules of the various social media platforms and the John XXIII College Email & Social Media Policy & Procedure.   Acting as a troll or making comments that are derogatory or likely to cause offence or upset are serious offences.



Resident Issues & Complaints

If you have an issue or complaint there are a number of avenues available:

  • After Hours Support – Contact the Duty Officer, Night Porter or on-site Residential Staff members.
  • During Business Hours – Contact the Dean of Residents or Deputy Head of College.


Grievances & Conflicts

College Staff and Senior Residents are there to help at any time. They are able to assist residents and direct them to the relevant staff or services.

If you think someone is displaying inappropriate or concerning behaviour or you believe that you are being subjected to any form of bullying or harassment, you can confidentially contact the Dean of Residents or Deputy Head of College and they will be able to sort through the situation with you anonymously.

For further information on any issue please refer to the relevant College policy: