Payment of Residential Fees

All Residential Fees can be paid:

  1. A year in advance – 1 payment, or
  2. A semester in advance 2 payments, or
  3. Monthly – 9 payments.


Fee Payments

All residential fees are payable in advance and whilst the College will refund all overpayments, it cannot refund bank fees and resulting charges from overpayments.

Monthly payments are due on the 15th of the month.   The fees are processed/deducted by the College via Catholic Development Fund on this day (or next business day if on a weekend) between 9:00am and 10:00am.

All Residential Fees may be paid by Direct Debit or Credit Card (Merchant Fees apply).  Only Semester or Yearly Residential Fees may be paid by cheque.


Additional Fees

The College will permit one change per year to the selected scheduled payment method (i.e. semester to monthly) without incurring an Administration Fee. Any additional requested changes will incur a $50 Administration Fee.

Residents will be charged a non-refundable $25 Administration Fee for each credit card, direct debit or cheque that is declined more than once in a contract period, including declined payments due to the account holder not notifying the College of changed credit card or bank details (i.e. lost or stolen cards, new expiry dates).   Residents may be required to pay by semester thereafter. Please liaise with the College in advance of difficulties with fee payment. 

Room changes after the start of the Residential Accommodation Agreement will incur a $50 Administration Fee.

Where a Resident has missed pre-agreed payments, the College may require that Resident to pre-pay the next semester in advance or require him/her to pay by semester in advance thereafter.


Bad Debt

Continued failure to make payments will be treated as a breach of Contract and the Resident will be placed on Financial Probation and may be asked to leave College.

  • If fees are not paid, action will be taken to recover the outstanding debt. This may include having the Residential Accommodation Agreement terminated and the Resident being asked to vacate the residence or being referred to a credit agency. In addition to the fees owed, the Resident will be liable for any costs associated with such action including any interest charged in accordance and the debt collection agency fees.

Residents with an ongoing bad debt will have a hold placed on their ANU Academic transcript and it will not be released until the outstanding fees are paid in full.