Phones, Internet and WiFi & IT Consultants


The College has VoIP handsets for all of the residential rooms which will allow for the access of the internet via the handset.   All phones have been programmed and will have a network cable installed ready for use by residents.   The second data port on the wall in rooms will be disabled.  Phones will operate the same for making calls, receiving calls and retrieving voicemail.

Because your room phone is part of the university VoIP telephone network all calls to university extensions are free of charge.   Your number from outside the university is 02 619 <extension>.   The extension of your phone is the 5-digit number on the display.


Making External Calls

External calls will be charged to Residents at standard Optus call rates.   To be able to make external calls on your room phone you will need to put credit on your Phone Account at the College Front Office.   Once you have sufficient credit on your Phone Account, dial 0 for an outside line and then dial the number you intend to call.   Please note that if the value of a call exceeds the credit on your account, the account will go into a negative balance and you will not be able to make another call until the account is restored to a positive balance.


Setting up/Using Voicemail

To access your voicemail. dial 5-3333 on your room phone and follow the prompts.   When you first use your voicemail.  You will need to enter 1234 as the initial password, you will then be prompted to set your own password.   Please write it down in the front of your Resident Handbook to ensure you don’t forget it.  If you forget your voicemail password, you will need to contact an IT Consultant to reset it.   Remember your voicemail is private, to ensure that others do not access your voicemail messages please do not share your voicemail password.   Also, upon departing the College please ensure that you erase all messages to ensure that the next occupant of your room does not get your messages as only the password will be reset for the next occupant.


Checking your Phone Account Balance

Dial 5-6929 on your room phone and follow the prompts.   For further details on individual call charges please see the Front Office.   For detailed telephone and voicemail user guides please visit the ANU on the following website:


Your Computer

To connect your computer to the College network simply connect your computer to the network cable provided (from the back of the VoIP handset) and your computer will automatically be given a network address.

To connect to the wireless residential network simply scan for available networks and select ‘Resnet’ and click connect.  You will need to have a valid university account (known as Uni ID) to use this wireless network.   You will then have to download a small installer (available at in order to successfully connect to ‘Resnet’.   Further instructions are available on the webpage.   After you have successfully connected, your computer will automatically be given a network address.

Upon connecting your computer to the residential network, please ensure that you have sufficient Anti-Virus software installed and that you have a firewall enabled (the firewall included in Windows or OS X is sufficient); the university provides free antivirus software at:   Please contact an IT Consultant if you require further assistance.



Getting Help – The IT Consultant

The Information Technology (IT) Consultant is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the residents’ network and provide the residents with IT services and support.   The IT Consultant is available to residents to assist with problems throughout the day when they are not in class or studying.

Assistance is also available in the following areas:

  • Connecting their computers to the College Network and Internet
  • Installing and configuring Antivirus software
  • Installing and configuring Firewall software
  • Removing viruses
  • The resolution of networking related errors

You may reach the IT Consultant at if you are experiencing any of the above problems.   It is important that you include your name and room number in the subject line of the email.   Alternatively, you may call (using your room phone) and if the IT Consultant whom you are calling is not present, you may decide to leave a voice message and the IT Consultant will endeavour to schedule an appointment with you at a later date and time.

Please note: the IT Team are ANU Students and may not be able to assist with your problem immediately.   Where an IT Consultant is unable to assist a Resident with a computer problem the problem may be referred to the Office for resolution.