Residential Accommodation Agreements


Residential Agreements are approximately 41 weeks or two semesters in length. The contracts align with the Australian National University academic calendar.   In special occasions a resident may apply to the Head of College to be allowed to have a contract for 1 semester only.

  1. The College gives priority to residents seeking a full year contract.


Contract Extensions

Residents who wish to stay at the College outside the Residential Accommodation Agreement period may do so with the permission of the Deputy Head of College subject to a room being available and subject to the Resident paying the Non-Residential Contract Fee in advance.

As a general rule returning students may not return to College during N Week, unless they are enrolled in a summer course at that time or doing deferred or special exams in N Week.  At the end of the academic year residents may apply to stay at College for any reason, provided the Kitchen is operating and there are staff in College.


Termination of your Residential Contract

When a Resident chooses to withdraw from College (including transferring outside of the approved transfer period to another ANU College/Hall, or being required to withdraw from College), the following applies:

  1. Residential Fees (rent) are payable until a new Resident takes their place, even if this takes till the end of his/her original Contract period;
  2. A $500 Non-Refundable Administration Fee is payable to the College;
  3. Forfeiture of all Annual Fees & Levies payable in the semester of withdrawal. Annual Fees & Levies are refundable only if the Resident breaks Contract with the College prior to starting first or second semester.   All Annual Fees & Levies are non-refundable after each Semester begins.

The above requirements are altered if the resident withdraws from their university course or defers their course of study.   In these cases, the following applies:

  1. The resident must produce a letter from the University confirming this withdrawal or deferment.
  2. They will be required to pay full Residential Fees until his/her room is re-let for a period no greater than four weeks from the date they produce the letter to the Deputy Head of College.
  3. They still forfeit all Annual Fees & Levies payable in the semester of withdrawal. All Annual Fees & Levies are non-refundable after each Semester begins.


Mid-Year Accommodation Transfers

Where a Resident applies to transfer out of College to another College or Hall for semester two via the ANU transfer process and is successful, the Resident will:

  1. be refunded their Semester Two Annual Fees & Levies and
  2. not be charged a $500 Non-Refundable Administration Fee.


  1. a Transfer Fee may be payable.
  2. they are required to pay rent until the College releases them from their contract.

At all times, for a Mid-Year Transfer to have the opportunity to be “successful”, a resident requires the support and approval of the College.


New Year Re-admission

All Residents wishing to return to College the following year must apply for an invitation to return when the College opens the Portal for “Expressions of Interest” to be submitted in October.

The new year Accommodation Agreement is for one academic year. Then subject to available spaces, a new Accommodation Agreement may be offered.

When deciding who to invite to return to College as assessment is made on the following criteria, throughout the previous year:

  • Academic Commitment

– are you on Academic Probation or in Academic Exclusion?;

  • Financial Responsibility

– are you on Financial Probation?;

  • Personal Conduct

– are you on Behavioural Probation?;

  • Contribution to the Life of the College

– have you participated in sport or cultural events and participated in some form of community service?;

  • Completion of the Consent Matters Module

– have you spent the appropriate time on each section of the module and passed the on-line test?;

  • Care and Use of the College Facilities

– have you looked after your room, its contents and the College facilities?

Residents may stay at College for the entire length of their degree.  There is NO requirement to leave the College before the end of their university course, unless you fail one of the requirements listed above.