Counselling Services

You may choose to make a booking to request an appointment to access the College counselling service for a one-off session, to help inform an ongoing care plan or to seek general advice and information. You may choose to access the ANU counselling service if you are looking for more structured therapeutic interventions, assistance with academic documentation or on the days where the college counsellor is unavailable.

 ANU Counselling:  ANU Offer a free and confidential counselling service on campus for all currently enrolled ANU students, including ANU College students.

Appointments are available between 9:00am-4:45pm weekdays (closed Public Holidays and from 1-2pm daily for lunch).

The Counselling Centre offers two kinds of appointments to students.

Standard appointments (50 minutes):  These appointments are longer in duration to allow for thorough and tailored counselling support for each student. This allows time for the counselor to hear about the issue you wish to address and to explore options for support.

To book a standard session you can:

  • Visit the Centre which is located immediately above the ANU Health Service on North Rd (Building 18, near ANU Sport and the Bridge).
  • Telephone on 6125 2442 (ext 52442).

During the quiet part of term it is sometimes possible to make an appointment for a standard session within a week, however please note, during peak times of year there may be a longer waiting period of several weeks for this appointment type.

Same day appointments (20-25 minutes): Each day we have short appointments available which can only be booked on the day of the appointment. This can be a good way for you to initially access counselling or if your concern cannot wait for a standard appointment booking. Due to the shorter duration, it is best if these appointments focus on one or two main issues so your counselor can best assist you in this brief period. If further support is required, a standard appointment or additional resources can be arranged for follow-up.

To book a short or same day appointment, students can:

  • Call us on 6125 2442 from 9am.
  • Attend the centre on the day. The best way to secure a ‘same day’ appointment is to attend the Centre from 8.55am.
  • Please note, due to high demand, the same day appointments often fill quickly at the end of semester and during the exam period. We encourage you to try again another day should you miss out on the first attempt, and please advise our staff if you experience repeated issues obtaining an appointment.

ANU Counselling also offer:  Academic DocumentationGet Up & Go Walking Programs and Group programs & Workshops

 Other Counselling Services:
ANU Counselling Centre – 612(5 2442)
Lifeline (free call from room phone) – 6247 0655 or 131 114
Mental Health Foundation – 6282 6658
Salvation Army Counselling Service – 6248 5504
Centacare Counselling, EAP – 6239 4094
Support Services – 6281 1087

John XXIII College Counselling:  In 2018, John XXIII College began its very own counselling program for its residents.

The Counsellor will be at the college 2 days per week and will be available for all residents. The service is free for all residents.

The College counselling service is considered a generalist service which means we work with students around a wide variety of issues and through a wide variety of interventions. For many students counselling is simply a place they can come to debrief and get some information, advice or strategies. For more severe or long-term mental health issues we recommend more specialist support outside of the college. We are also happy to assist with referrals or make suggestions for services that may benefit students outside of the College service.

About The Counsellor – Cate:  Cate is a social worker with over 5 years’ experience as a counsellor. She has been working with adolescents and young people for over 10 years in various roles. Cate also has experience in crisis work, facilitating and developing various training programs and leadership roles. She has been trained in trauma-informed practice, solution-focused therapy, professional supervision practices and working with clients experiencing domestic and family violence, among others. She practices from a strengths-based, non-judgmental and person-centred approach and is passionate about working with young people to improve their well-being, and providing mental health education. Cate is currently in her final year of studying a Masters in Child and Adolescent Welfare.

Confidentiality:  All personal information gathered by the counsellor remains confidential unless you have given the counsellor consent to share information for the purpose of improving your care.

However, confidentiality may be overridden in circumstances that include:

  • Disclosure of genuine intent to attempt suicide or seriously self-injure.
  • Disclosure of abuse or neglect involving a person aged under age of 18, where a child protection report/notification is required.
  • Disclosure of genuine intent to seriously harm or kill another individual, or group of individuals.
  • If a court issues a subpoena.
  • Where your mental or physical health has been impaired to the point that emergency services are required.
  • Concern that your mental health or physical health is deteriorating to the point that your parents, emergency contact and/or the Deputy Head of the College are required to be informed and collaborate in your ongoing care needs.

All efforts will be taken to inform you of any expected breaches of confidentiality before they occur.

Make a Booking to request an appointment with the College Counsellor.