John XXIII College Pastoral Care Support Team

The Pastoral Care Team:  The Pastoral Care Team comprises of the Deputy Head of College, Dean of Residents: Student Life & Academics (Dean) and Senior Residents (SRs). All team members live on site as part of the residential community and have responsibility for the pastoral care and well-being of the Residents.

All Pastoral Care Team members undergo comprehensive ANU and John XXIII College training, Mental Health First Aid and Senior First Aid training. This training equips them with the appropriate knowledge and discretion when Resident issues/concerns are raised. Residents can be certain that their personal issues will be respected and remain confidential when they speak to any SR or any member of the College Staff.

Deputy Head of College:  The Deputy Head of College assists the Head of College & CEO in the administration of the College. He/She has responsibility for Student Services and as such oversees the provision of pastoral care, student support and guidance. The Deputy Head of College has responsibility for the maintenance of discipline and good order at the College in consultation with the Head of College & CEO. The Deputy Head of College manages the Pastoral Care Team and the Academic Support Team and supervises the Residents’ Association. The Deputy Head of College has overall responsibility for development and implementation of the cultural, social and academic life of the College.

Dean of Residents:  The Dean assists the Deputy Head of College in the range of pastoral, academic and disciplinary matters that occur daily at the College. The Dean shares the responsibility for the Senior Resident Programme and the Academic Advisor Programme. He/She also assists the SRs in the daily pastoral care of College Residents and further assist the SRs handling the issues that may arise in their corridors.

Senior Residents (SR):  Senior Residents are responsible for assisting the Deputy Head of College by monitoring the pastoral needs of their Residents, developing and maintaining an atmosphere and community within the College which nurtures the academic, personal, social and spiritual growth of the Residents. The Senior Residents also assist in the administration and conduct of the College. SRs are an easily accessible point of contact for Residents and often are the first point of contact for Residents’ pastoral care needs.

Night Duty Officer:  Every evening and on weekends, one of the SRs becomes the After Hours’ Duty Officer during the residential contract period. All Residents and their guests are required to comply with the Duty Officer’s/SR’s instructions. Residents need to understand that the Duty Officer/SRs are performing pastoral, disciplinary and administrative roles, responding to lock outs, noise complaints and miscellaneous Resident needs. Duty Officer can be contacted 7 days a week between 5pm to 8am on (02) 6125 6919 or 5-6919 (internally) or 0467 154 027 (externally).

Night Porter:  To enhance the safety of the College’s after hours operations, the College contracts a Night Porter to assist the SRs by performing functional, administrative and security tasks. During academic weeks only, the Night Porter is on duty on set nights between 8pm to 2am, except on some nights when he remains on site until 5am. The Night Porter can be contacted on 0487 082 344 during rostered hours.

Chaplaincy:  Father Laurie Foote O.P. is the John XXIII College and University Chaplain. Father Laurie is a Dominican Priest who has been involved in University and College Chaplaincy for over 25 years. He has worked at the University of New England, The Australian National University and Monash University.

College Chaplain – Fr Laurie Foote OP
E –
P – 612(5 6914)