Sexual Assault and Harassment Support

Sexual violence and harassment are crimes that involve the abuse and imbalance of power and control. Survivors are entitled to the opportunity to seek empowerment and regain autonomy through a process of action.

The College (and University) along with the Pastoral team are here to support survivors regain their autonomy.

The College aims to develop an environment in which survivors feel empowered and safe in reporting any instances of sexual harassment or assault, and ensure that the process is made as transparent and fair as possible.

What can you do?

You are able to discuss your situation:

  • With a friend or SR, or
  • With any College staff member – especially the Deputy Head of College, Counsellor or Head of College, or.
  • Directly with an outside organisation such as a university counsellor, the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre or the Police.

What your Senior Resident (SR) will do?

Listen in a supportive, and non-questioning manner – they endeavour to simply listen and allow you to talk and disclose whatever you wish.

It is the SR’s role to be a first responder and guide you in what options are available to you. These may be – counselling, medical support, reporting it to the College and / or reporting it to the Police.

The SRs are required to report incidents to the College

– however these reports can be made completely anonymously. It is completely up to the survivor how much information is shared. SRs (or a friend) can accompany you to meetings with the Deputy Head of College.

What will the College do?

Reports are generally made to the Deputy Head of College, who will deal with each incident on a case-by-case basis. Fundamentally, the process taken is one that the survivor has chosen.

The college is also able to assist you in many ways. They will:

  • Ensure your immediate safety, especially when the alleged perpetrator is also at College.
  • Assist you to obtain counselling, medical assistance or in reporting to the police.
  • Guide you to other services that can also assist you such as the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre.
  • Monitor your ongoing wellbeing and assist you when needed.
  • Assist you with any impact this has on your academic studies.
  • If requested, by you, the College will initiate any disciplinary action against the alleged perpetrator, if they are also at College.
  • Assist you in lodging a report to ANU if the alleged perpetrator is another ANU student.

The College strongly believes that everyone has the right to live and work in an environment free from sexual violence and harassment.

 Support Service Hours Contact
Canberra Rape Crisis Centre (CRCC) 7 am – 11 pm 6247 2525
After hours 131 444
Forensic & Medical Sexual Assault Care (FAMSAC) 9 am – 5 pm 6244 2185
After hours 6244 2222
1800RESPECT 24 hours 1800 737 732
Service Assisting Male Survivors of Sexual Assault
(SAMSSA) – part of CRCC
7 am – 11 pm 6247 2525
After hours 131 444
Australia wide 24/7 University Support Line 24 hours 1800 572 224