Your adventure
starts here

Get ready to make friends and memories to last a lifetime here at J23.

New beginnings

As soon as you set foot on the beautiful ANU campus, laden with 10,000 trees and Sullivan’s Creek winding its way along, you’ll start developing new favourite memories and mates that’ll become like family.



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A good first step

From N-Week activities for new residents to your insider’s guide to O-week celebrations, we’ll make sure you start off on the right foot, knowing what’s where, who’s who and getting your new social network started.

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    Why ‘N-Week’, you ask?

    Simply because ‘n’ comes before ‘o’ in the alphabet!

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    Kicking goals

    Did you know 85% of our residents achieve a High Distinction, Distinction or Credit GPA?

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    Friends for dinner?

    No problem! There's plenty to go around. Just check them in with reception and have them cover the cost of their meal.