Academic Support

This is available to all 2nd year and later students as well as 1st year students needing support in areas not covered by the Academic Advisors.   When a group of 3 or more residents have a problem in their academic course they may apply to the College to hire a tutor to come into the College to run a tutorial that would help them overcome their problem.

Residents wishing to obtain a tutor should approach the Dean of Residents who will assist them in obtaining and paying for a tutor.

Academic Advice

The College staff – Head of College, Deputy and Dean are available to assist all of the residents in their interactions with the University on academic issues.   These issues include, advice on the suitability of the course to their goals and abilities, the means of transferring between courses, the processes available when life issues require a student to change their pattern of study or need to defer their course.

The Dean is able to offer basic advice on academic matters such as enrolling in the correct subjects, the support services available at the ANU, the means of responding to difficulties with lecturers and tutors, and how to access forms for the purposes of securing Special and Supplementary Assessments.


Academic Policy

The College monitors the academic results of all of its residents.  It then determines:

  1. A summary of the overall semester results
  2. The Grade Point Average (GPA) of each resident.
  3. The Academic status of each resident.

At the end of each semester the residents’ academic status is determined and this is used to advise students on their studies and to determine what remedial action is required to be taken.  The residents move along the following sequence of status.

  • Normal status – all new students or students who have passed all their subjects
  • At Risk – has one fail in the previous semester
  • Academic Warning – has 2 or 3 fails in the previous semesters
  • Academic Probation – has a total of 4 fails in their previous semesters
  • Academic Exclusion – has to show cause why they should not be excluded from College after receiving a total of 5 or more fails.


  • A student on Academic Exclusion may be excluded at the end of semester 1 or semester 2 of any year.
  • A student on Academic Probation at the end of the year may not receive an offer to return to the College in the following year.


Academic Results

At the end of Semester 2 in 2018 the College residents obtained:

  • 177 High Distinctions – two of these were the highest result in their respective course at ANU
  • 401 Distinctions
  • 357 Credits

As a result of these results 85% of the residents at the College obtained a High Distinction, Distinction or Credit GPA.

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