College Facilities

John XXIII College boasts some of the best residential facilities on the ANU campus.  There is an ATM (Fees apply from ATM provider) in the Front Foyer and Vending Machines located on the ground floor and first floor of the Administration Wing, which contains a variety of snacks and beverages for purchase 24 hours a day. IMG_6690

Room facilities include:

Junior Common Room John-XXIII-College-PhotographyJohn-XXIII-College-Photography

Open to all students within the College 24 hours a day, this room boasts:

  • Two Large LCD Screens with DVD Player & IPTV (70+ channels);
  • Foxtel;
  • Leather sofas, easy chairs & card tables;
  • Table Tennis;
  • Foosball Table;
  • Pool Table;
  • Café & Dining Booths;
  • Wireless Internet Access;
  • Fridge, Microwave & 24Hr Tea/Coffee Bar.


John-XXIII-College-Photography John-XXIII-College-Photography John-XXIII-College-Photography

Open to all students from 8:30pm to 10:30pm nightly, the Tavern is operated by the Tavern Manager & Assistants each of who are John XXIII College Residents.

The Tavern offers:

  • A full range of savoury & confectionary products;
  • Soft drinks, fruit juices & milkshakes (all prices subsidized by the College);
  • A full range of alcoholic beverages;
  • Dart Board;
  • A 130cm Rear Projection Television with Foxtel & IPTV;
  • Large leather sofas, easy chairs, bar stools & drinks tables.

The Tavern is fully licensed under the ANU’s Liquor License Statue 2013 and therefore requires all attendees to be of legal drinking age.  Only alcohol supplied by the Tavern is to be consumed in the Tavern.

Simon Mara Room (Computer Lab)

John-XXIII-College-Photography John-XXIII-College-Photography John-XXIII-College-Photography

The College provides a computing facility which is maintained by the ANU’s Department of Information (DOI).  This lab is open 24-7 and contains:

  • Dell PCs with ANU Course Software installed;
  • Apple Macs with ANU Course Software installed;
  • Wireless Internet access;
  • Laser printers (Print quota filled at the Library).

The College has a Resident as its IT Consultant to assist Residents with the following areas relating to their personal computers:

  • Connecting their computers to the College Network and Internet;
  • Installing and configuring Antivirus software;
  • Installing and configuring Firewall software;
  • Removing viruses;
  • The resolution of networking related errors.

Information Technology Consultants provide Residents with IT services and support. To this end the Consultants are honorary positions where they are awarded a scholarship to maintain and enhance the Residents’ network and to provide IT support to Residents. The IT Consultants are available to Residents to assist with problems throughout the day when they are not in class or studying.

The Senior IT Consultant is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the College’s IT infrastructure; including the server environment, administration network and Residents’ network. To this end the Senior IT Consultant is an honorary position which is awarded a scholarship and is responsible for administering the College’s information systems, provide support for the administration network and to oversee and assist with the duties performed by the Information Technology Consultants on the Residents’ network.

Study and Library Study Room

Functioning as a quiet study and reading area for students.  It is available for use 24 hours a day, this room contains:

  • 9 Separate Study Booths;
  • 8-Seat Conference Table;
  • Library Resource Centre.

Located in the Study, the Library is operated by the Community Coordinators, and contains textbooks from a variety of university disciplines, limited magazines, journals, dictionaries and encyclopaedias.  Resources are loaned out for a set period of time.

Saint’s Common Room

The Saint’s Common Room (SCR) is used for the College’s Board Meetings, Committee Meetings and Conference business which assist in keeping residential fees affordable.

The SCR facilities include:

  • A fully Stocked Bar Area;
  • Reclining Leather Sofas;
  • A balcony overlooking the ANU Campus & Canberra City;
  • A 14-Seat Board Style Table;
  • Antique Chess Table;
  • Wireless Internet Access;
  • Fridge, microwave & 24Hr Tea/Coffee Bar.

Roncalli Collegians’ Room_MG_5076

The Roncalli Collegians’ Room is the social and collegial hub of senior students who reside at the College.  The Roncalli Room is named for the patron of the College, Angelo Roncalli, and the Good Pope after whom the College was named in 1967.  Resident students in the third year and above may use the Roncalli Room for study, socializing and relaxing.

The room is equipped with:

  • Lounges, Recliners, TV & Tables;
  • Audio Visual Equipment;
  • Data projector;
  • Projector screen;
  • Whiteboards;
  • Kitchenette.

Music Rooms


Located next to the Junior Common Room and available for use between 8.30am and 10.30pm to any John’s resident, the Music Rooms have:

  • 3 Individual Soundproofed Rooms for group or individual use;
  • Wireless Internet Access;
  • College provided Drum Kit & Piano;
  • Secure Storage Facilities for musical instruments.

Residents wishing to have access to the Music Room may obtain a Music Room Key, free of charge, from the Front Office.

Bike Sheds_MG_5591John-XXIII-College-PhotographyIMG_8373


Currently located at the front entrance of the College, there are secure caged area for residents’ bicycles.  The College is currently working with the ANU to replace the existing cages with two new, larger cages fitted with lights and a pump station behind the College with access from the Residential Car park.  These new bike sheds will be completed in July 2016.

Alfresco Dining Area


Located adjacent to the Dining Hall, the outdoor seating area is open at all times and provides an alternative dining area for all meal times.  The Alfresco Dining Area has:

  • Wireless Internet Access;
  • BBQ available for resident use.

Residential Car Park

The ANU Parking and Transport Office controls all car parking areas and spaces on the ANU Campus including John XXIII College.  ANU parking permits are available to fulltime enrolled ANU students.

In 2016, ANU Parking relocated all Residential Parking to the Dickson car park facility.

Residents must approach the ANU Parking Office directly to be issued one of the 47 John XXIII College Resident parking spaces.  Allocation is on a first to arrive basis and is allocated by the ANU, not John XXIII College.  Residents may not park in spaces allocated to John XXIII College Staff or in the rear car park located behind John XXIII College and Ursula Hall (these are Pay As You Go). ANU parking fines apply.

Contact Details for the ANU Parking and Transport Office are as follows:

Located in the Anthony Low Building (#124), corner of Eggleston and Garran Roads

Phone: +61 2 6125 3649


Opening Hours: 8:30am till 5:00pm, Monday to Friday

Please note: Residents who wish to bring a car to College should apply for a permit well before the start of the Academic Year.

Laundry Facilities DSC_4096Landries

There is laundry facilities located on each floor of the residential blocks and are provided free of charge to residents.  Each laundry contains:

  • Washing Machines;
  • Dryers;
  • Irons and ironing Boards;
  • Sink for hand washing.

Laundries operate between 8:30am and 10:30pm daily.

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