College Outreach

Community Service

One of the practices that define the John XXIII College identity is our commitment to social justice and community service.   It is our way of expressing our care for others.   All Residents are asked to commit themselves to helping in at least one community service activity each year.

The College, in Consultation with the residents, will identify community projects, charity fundraising and outreach programs that the residents may wish to participate in.   Individual residents are not limited to these activities and are encouraged to become involved with community projects and charities of their own choosing

The Student Experience Officer will keep a record of each resident’s involvement in community service, during the year and this is one of the factors the College looks at when deciding on which residents are invited to return to College in the following year.


Outreach Program

The John XXIII College Community Outreach Project is a chance for John XXIII College residents to contribute to the broader Australian community.   The Community Outreach Project is currently a 5-7 day trip to the Mutitjulu Community in Central Australia.

This is a voluntary opportunity and is available to the participants at the discretion of the College   Participants are also obliged to act with good faith and in a way which reflects positively on the College.   Those wanting to participate in this outreach program must make a written application and then participate in an interview.

Mutitjulu is a community of nearly 200 Anangu people living in the Kata Tjuta National Park. It is a closed community, so tourists are not allowed to enter without a permit from the Central Land Council.  Community is at the base of in Uluru, about half an hour from Ayers Rock Airport.  The purpose and aim of the trip is to facilitate a connection between the Mutitjulu Community and the College, with the vision of contributing to the Mutitjulu Community in a meaningful way into the future.

The activities on this trip include:

  1. Helping at the local artists centre
  2. Working at the Mutitjulu childcare centre.
  3. Assisting at the Nyangatjatjara College where many children between the ages of 10-15 from Mutitjulu and surrounding areas attend.

In the past College residents have participated in the following outreach programs.

  1. The Solomon Islands Project.   This project began in 2004 and the residents went over to the island of Savo and Malaita in the Solomon Islands and worked in various communities on a range of projects on the island.  They worked on projects that aimed to create access to basic resources and to increase the quality of life of impoverished communities at;
    • Auki – Alota’a School
    • Dala South – Catholic Community Primary School
    • Dala North – Anglican Community Primary School
    • Bubuitolo – Catholic Community Clinic Project
    • Buma – Anglican Community Primary School Project
    • Savo Island – Le Bone, Sisiaka, Tchapanyata, Kalgele, Koela & Susepi
  1. The India Project. This was a trip which involved supporting a local school and communities.

The College is currently investigating a new outreach program in Sri Lanka;


The Local Community

The College is connected with the St Vincent De Paul Society Conference at ANU, food hampers and participates in a number of programs such as the Night Patrol and visits to local homes.

Each year the College appoints the Executive Officer for the ANU Conference of St Vincent de Paul.  In 2019 this student is Clare Jessup.



Residents at the College are involved in fundraising activities for selected charities that are of interest to the residents.