Pastoral Care Support

John XXIII College sees its pastoral role as an important part of its identity as a caring community and the need to look after the residents’ well-being.  To do this the College has set up the most extensive pastoral care system at ANU.


The Senior Residents (SRs)

These are more senior residents who have received training in:

  1. medical and mental health first aid
  2. identifying students with physical, emotional and mental health issues
  3. early stage support for a residents’ well-being,
  4. responding to critical issues.

The SRs work under the supervision of the Student Services Department and in teams of two (usually a male and a female SR) look after a corridor of 50 residents, where their role is to:

  1. be a role model for the residents in the College.
  2. organise social activities and build a community on their corridor.
  3. oversee the welfare of their residents and monitor them and assess their well-being.
  4. be a first point of call for any resident needing advice.
  5. be a first responder in a critical incident and provide triage before passing the issue onto Student Services staff.

The 2019 Senior Residents are:

  • A1 – Paige Lyall and Charlotte North
  • A2 – Aislinn A’Speculo and Sophia Marray-Walker
  • A3 – Harry Fell and Sophia Musgrove
  • B1 – Karl Peric and Mimi Hall
  • B2 – Declan Tancred and Alexa Khoury
  • B3 – Hutton Wells and Milly McDonald

It should always be noted that Senior Residents are students and have a full academic study load as well as responsibility for the 50 residents on their corridor.   It is not their role or within their capability to resolve significant issues.


Student Services Staff

The Deputy with the assistance of the Dean are the second level of response to an issue relating to the discipline or pastoral care of the residents.

  1. They will assess the situation and decide on the appropriate response.
  2. When needed the counsellor can be called in to provide the resident with initial counselling and assessment.

It should be noted that the Deputy and Dean are not qualified mental or social health practitioners.   When a resident experiences serious or ongoing health concerns which cannot be handled at College level it may be necessary to ask that resident to return home (or move to another acceptable place) to receive the appropriate treatment.

NOTE: It is important that at the time of admission to John XXIII College any residents with a medical condition (including a mental health condition) should report such to the Head of College CEO or Deputy Head of College.


The Counsellor

Any resident may choose to make a booking to request an appointment with the College Counsellor, to discuss any personal or mental health issue.    The Counsellor can give you some general advice or assist you to develop an ongoing care plan.   The counsellor is not available for ongoing counselling.

If a resident needs ongoing counselling or a more structured therapeutic intervention then the counsellor will recommend that they see a private practitioner or go to ANU counselling.

All residents have the choice of also using the ANU counsellors.


General Education Program

The SRs as a group also organise a variety of activities and educational sessions, with the assistance of the Student Experience officer, to improve the College community and assist the residents to adapt to life at university and in our society.  These include:

  • Diversity and Inclusion – to celebrate and expand the diversity of the College community and ensure that all residents are included as members of the community.
  • Men’s and Women’s Health
  • Health and Well Being
  • Mental Health
  • Arts and Cultural events