Requirements of all New Students

Once you have decided to join our community at Johns, you need to be aware of the requirements that will be placed on you.  These are all essential as they relate to your ability to be a good community member and your ability to relate to the other residents


Application Process

Unlike many other residences you will be asked to provide additional information to the College by completing the College Questionnaire and to then undergoing an interview.  This interview may be by phone or in person.   Students who are overseas can decide to do the interview by phone or Skype.


Pre-Arrival and Arrival

You need to have:

  • Completed the Residential Accommodation Agreement. In this agreement you agree that you will:
  • Support the College’s Ethos and Mission
  • Support and abide by the College’s Policies and Procedures.
  • Support and abide by the relevant ANU Policies and Procedures
  • Paid the specified deposit
  • Read the Community Standards Document and sign it on arrival.
  • Read the Residential Handbook.


Attend the College N Week and O Week

N Week is a mandatory induction week at College and is designed to help you be a good community member.  It allows you to settle in to the College environment, make friends and understand how the College operates.

After N Week comes O’Week where the university provides opportunities to discover how it operates and learn the essential things needed to study at university.


During the Year

All residents must be enrolled as a fulltime student in a course at a university in Canberra and:

  • Make continual progress towards the attainment of their degree.
  • Show Financial Responsibility by meeting your financial responsibilities.
  • Be involved in and make a positive contribution in the life of the College.
  • Have acceptable behaviour
  • Look after College facilities

Remember at university you are an adult and have the rights associated with being a member of the College community.  But linked with these is the requirement to take responsibility for your actions and behaviours while a member of the College community.

The College does have a multi-pronged disciplinary approach, so you should read the College disciplinary policy.   Residents who breach this policy and the conditions expected of a College member need to be aware that there will be consequences.