2019 Residential Fees and Levies

2019 Accommodation Agreements

This year John XXIII College will be offering Residential Accommodation Agreements for Returning Residents (39.7 weeks) and new Residents (40.86 weeks)

Please note

  1. Accommodation Agreements cover the period of the entire academic year at the ANU, including term and semester breaks.
  2. Our contracts are shorter and therefore at a lower cost than most of the contracts at ANU
  3. Accommodation Agreements that only cover a one semester period – either for the duration of 1st or 2nd Semester at the ANU are available in special circumstances only.

– they are for residents who are completing their university studies or if they are a Study Abroad Student (e.g. an International Student studying in Australia for one semester or an Australian Student travelling Overseas to study for 1 or 2 semesters).

Further information regarding Accommodation Agreements, please contact the College’s Admissions Officer on +61 2 6125 6924.


2019 Residential Fees and Levies


Room Rates

Standard Room Rate $1,870 per month ($424 per week / $16,833 per year)
Large Room Rate $2,100 per month ($477 per week / $18,937 per year)
En-suite Room Rate $2,240 per month ($508 per week / $20,168 per year)


Please note that preference for Large and En-Suite Rooms are given to Senior Residents, Academic Advisors & IT Consultants in the first instance.


Fees and Levies

These annual charges and levies apply to all residents, in addition to their room rate.


Annual Charges for All Residents 39.7 Wks 19 Wks
ANU Data, WiFi & Computer Levy $875.00 $437.50
Insurance & Building Maintenance Levy $510.00 $255.00
Optional Residents’ Association (RA) Fee $300.00 $300.00
   $1,685.00 $992.50

Plus additional charges for Returning Residents only


Application Processing Fee (NonRefundable) $80.00 $80.00


Plus additional charges for New Residents only


John XXIII College Registration Fee (Non-Refundable) $285.00 $285.00
ANU Registration Fee (Non-Refundable) $140.00 $140.00
Refundable Room Bond (Standard Room Rate) $300.00 $300.00
Academic Gown (Compulsory for Formal Dinners) $90.00 $90.00
$805.00 $805.00


Note: Fees & Levies are refundable only if the Resident breaks the Contract with the College prior to starting 1st or 2nd Semester.   All Fees & Levies are fully Non-Refundable after each Semester begins.


Notes on Room Rates and Fees and Levies

  1. All fees are paid in advance in accordance with the payment schedules incorporated in the Residential Accommodation Agreement.
  2. ANU Data, WiFi & Computer Levy:

This Non-refundable fee contributes towards the ongoing costs of maintaining the College’s IT infrastructure and hardware including the computer room facilities/lab, College’s intranet system (PelicanNet), Residential IT Support, unlimited* access to Internet (supplied from ANU) and Wi-Fi (supplied from ANU) infrastructure installed by ANU.

  1. Insurance & Building Maintenance Levy:

This Non-refundable Insurance levy includes cover for Residents’ Contents & Personal Accident Protection.  The Building Maintenance Levy contributes to the ongoing upkeep, improvements and renovations of the building facilities.

  1. Registration Fee – John XXIII College:

This is a Non-refundable administration fee for data processing of applications.

  1. Registration Fee – ANU:

This levy is collected on behalf of the ANU, this is a non-refundable fee charged by University Accommodation Services.

  1. The Refundable Room Bond:
  2. This bond varies, depending on the room type:

Standard Room $300; Large Room $350; En-Suite Room $400

  1. The fully refundable bond is held until the completion of residency to ensure that all contractual obligations have been fulfilled.  Deductions will be made for any outstanding damages or charges and the balance refunded to Resident.
  2. The College reserves the right to amend these room rates, fees and levies.


2019 Payment of Fees

Residential Fees may be paid by month, semester or year in advance.

Residential Fees may be paid by credit card (MasterCard / Visa only and will incur a Merchant Fee of 1%) or by Direct Deposit.  Administration Fees will apply for declined Credit Cards or rejected Direct Deposits.

In 2019, discounts of Residential Fees are provided for those Residents that have siblings residing at the College in the same year.

Financial Bursaries are awarded to Residents who are experiencing financial hardship.  Financial Bursaries are valued up to $2,000 p.a. and are payable for one year only being continued from Semester 1 into Semester 2 after the Resident demonstrates to the College that he/she remains enrolled in a Full-Time study load, not withstanding graduating semesters, has achieved at least a Pass average in all of his/her subjects, has no disciplinary problems within the College and remains up to date with their Residential Fee payments.

Details of the full range of payment options, methods, and the instalment system may be obtained by contacting the Business Manager on +61 2 6125 6903.


What do Your Fees Cover


  • Single Study Bedroom
  • Access to Snack Rooms throughout the Residential Blocks
  • Access to Shared Uni-Sex Bathroom Facilities (except for en-suite) and Women’s Only dedicated Bathroom
  • Use of the Laundry FREE – Washers, Dryers, Irons/Ironing Boards & Outdoor Clotheslines
  • 3 Meals per Day & 2 ‘Snack Times’ per Day (during Academic Terms) prepared by the College’s Qualified Chefs
  • Access to Communal Facilities – Junior Common Room, Tavern, Music Room, Study Room, ANU Computer Room Tutorial Rooms
  • Furnishings and Utilities (Gas/Water/Electricity)

College Services

  • Weekly Residential Room Cleaning (during Academic Terms)
  • VOIP Room Phone with FREE on campus and College calls
  • Residential IT Consultants for Resident IT matters
  • John XXIII College Chapel and 24/7 access to the small Chapel
  • Two Secure John XXIII College Bike Cages
  • Secure Resident Mailboxes for post and packages
  • Access to Onsite ATM & Vending Machines

Student Services

  • Access to Onsite Deputy Head of College & Dean of Residents
  • Added security from a Night Porter
  • Pastoral Care that is more extensive and better staffed that anywhere else
  • Pastoral Care provided by Senior Residents
  • One of only two College with a College Dean
  • Only College with a College Counsellor
  • Only College with a Night Porter
  • Only College with a College Chaplain
  • The most extensive Academic Support Programme at ANU provided by Academic Advisors and Academic Tutors
  • Only College with Support from a Student Experience Officer
  • Access to Spiritual, Social, Sporting, Cultural & Community Service Opportunities.