Student Services

Deputy Head of College

The Deputy Head of College assists the Head of College & CEO in the administration of the College. She has responsibility for Student Services and as such oversees the provision of pastoral care, student support and guidance. The Deputy Head of College has responsibility for the maintenance of discipline and good order at the College in consultation with the Head of College & CEO. The Deputy Head of College manages the Senior Resident Programme, and has overall responsibility for development and implementation of the cultural, social and academic life of the College. In all aspects of her role, the Deputy Head of College is accountable to the Head of College & CEO.

Dean of Residents: Student Life & Academics (Dean)

The Dean of Residents: Student Life & Academics (Dean) is a live-in staff member charged with contributing to the direction of the College and decision-making in line with the College’s policies. The Dean collaborates closely with the Deputy Head of College and the Head of College & CEO in providing programs and services that enrich the residential life of John XXIII College.

The Dean’s job responsibilities, while primarily to support the vision of the College, also include the coordination of the student leaders, individual relationship building with staff and residents, planning and organisation of programs and services designed to enhance the educational experience and quality of student life at John XXIII College, advising, and other tasks as required.

The Dean implements and maintains the  Academic Support Program – an active and academically focused learning community that motivates students to devote time to educationally purposeful activities. The Living-Learning Community will require the Dean to assist in the supervision and development of a living-learning community that motivates students to devote time to beneficial activities. By emphasising, creating and participating in the development of a strong community and student involvement.

Senior Residents (SR’s)

The Senior Residents play a key role in the John’s pastoral care program. There are 2 Senior Residents on each of the 6 corridors. The Senior Residents oversee the welfare of their corridors, organize social activities and enhance the sense of community in the College.

2018 Senior Residents are:
James Holley & Moeez Khan – Men’s Officer
Dylan McGirr & Jordan Hilsberg – Community Service
Annabelle King – Indigenous Community Outreach
Ruairi Biollo & Naomi Tully – Mental Health & Well-being
Evie Costa & Isabelle Remedios – Women’s Officer
Oscar Davis & Kelepi Baba – Gender & Sexuality
Tze Wei Yeo – Diversity & Inclusion

Each Senior Resident has a designated community-building portfolio. Under their portfolio Senior Residents may organize events, provide information to residents, and engage the wider ANU and Canberra communities.

Community Service & Indigenous Community

The portfolio holder will provide opportunities and encouragement to John XXIII College Residents to complete their mandatory community service hours, both through college organised events, and through third party organised events advertised. This portfolio holder will work with the St Vincent De Paul Society and continue to develop and strengthen our relationship. The SR is to develop a culture of service within the John XXIII College community

Taking a strong involvement with the relationship between John XXIII College and Aboriginal and Torres-Strait islanders, the portfolio holder will begin to develop a reconciliation action plan for the college, will look at the development of an indigenous student program and will work to strengthen the community partnership between John XXIII College and the Mutitjulu Community. It will be the responsibility to involve the college in dialogue and events that promote a cultural awareness for the indigenous peoples of Australia.


The SR in charge of this portfolio is responsible for celebrating and expanding diversity at John XXIII College as well as ensuring that all students are included as members of the community. The portfolio holder will work with diverse groups across the student body to host events that immerse the college in creating an understanding towards each other and our differences. They will formulate several surveys and other documents to contribute towards the strategic planning for diversity within the college into the future. The portfolio holder will work closely to improve inter-year group relations and will work with all international students to better the international student experience.

Arts, Cultural & Spirit 

The SR will actively promote arts and cultural events that are happening at both John XXIII College and around Canberra. Including, but not limited to, musicals, operas, art exhibitions and museum visits. They will work with the ANU Creative Arts Learning Community to deepen the Arts and Cultural affairs exchange among year groups at college. They will take a specific focus to promote concerts, performances and exhibitions given by current John XXIII College students. It is the responsibility of the portfolio holder to promote a college culture that highly values and appreciates the arts and the variety of cultural opportunities afforded to university students at ANU. 

Student Wellness Team: Men’s Officer, Women’s Officer, Mental Health & Well-being Officer  

These four portfolios will work together to promote the ‘whole being’ but particularly focus in their respective areas; Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Health and Wellbeing and Mental Health. This entire team will work to have events that utilise the 9 pillars of wellness; strengthening partnerships between John XXIII College, ANU and Community organisations.

Academic Advisors (AA’s)

Academic Advisors (AAs) are appointed by the Head of College & CEO to assist in the academic support programme of the College.   AAs report the Dean of Residents, who under the direction of the Deputy Head of College look after a group of students from a particular faculty and provide academic guidance and support to the first year students of the College.   See the AA Handbook for further details.

2018 Academic Advisors are:
Jesse Parsons – Art
Melissa Woodley – Commerce/Psychology
Yoann Colin – Biology & Chemistry
Olivia Flower – Engineering & Maths
Claudia Hodge – Law/Commerce
Brandon Smith – Law/Security
Mollie Reed – Arts

AAs receive basic training in education and training and are not a replacement to the academic teaching provided by the ANU lecturers and tutors.   Their role is to supplement the ANU teaching and to help develop the skills needed to study at ANU.  The final responsibility for a student’s academic results remains with each individual student.

Where a resident’s efforts lead to them receiving Fail grades they will be placed on an Academic Warning:

  • Fail less than 25% of their study load = Academic Risk
  • Fail more than 25% of their study load = Academic Warning
  • Fail more than 50% of their study load = Academic Probation.

If the resident then obtains further fails in a subsequent semester then they will be at risk of being placed on Academic Exclusion / Show Cause.

Usually an AA will be a second year student or above with an exceptional academic record.   Through role modelling, the provision of academic tutorials and academic skills lessons and the provision of academic advice and counselling, the AAs guide the first year students through their studies and academic development.

The AA’s are an easily accessible point of contact for the first year Residents on issues relating to their studies at ANU.   The Academic Coordinator and AAs can also assist first year residents in their interactions with the University, offering basic advice on academic matters as wide ranging as enrolling in the correct subjects, support services at the ANU, means of responding to difficulties  with lecturers and tutors, and how to access forms for the purposes of securing Special and Supplementary Assessments.

Community Services

One of the practices that define the John XXIII College identity is our commitment to social justice and community service. It is our way of expressing our care for others. All Residents are asked to commit themselves to achieving five community service points each year. The Community Service Committee will identify community projects, organise student involvement and record this involvement. Students have the option of participating in the St Vincent de Paul’s Conference that exists at John XXIII College to gain greater opportunities to get involved in community-orientated events.

In line with our College principle of self-regulation, the Senior Residents have responsibility to enforce College rules and report any breaches of the College’s Discipline Policies and Guidelines.

There is always a Senior Resident rostered on as the ‘Duty Officer’. Duty Officer is an on-call and on-site emergency contact available to residents after business hours.


The College has a live in Chaplain who celebrates mass on Sundays and mid week. The Chaplain is a Dominican priest who actively supports residents in their life as students and is available for counselling and support. The Chaplain is also a member of the Board of Directors is a religious and academic mentor and runs theology classes.

Pastoral Care

John XXIII College sees its pastoral role as an important part of its identity as a caring community and Senior Residents receive basic training in early stage support for residents’ well being. However, it must be noted that they are not qualified mental or social health practitioners and where residents experience serious or ongoing health concerns which cannot be handled at College level it may be necessary to ask that resident to return home (or another acceptable place) to receive the appropriate treatment.

It should always be noted that Senior Residents themselves have a full academic load as well as responsibility for 50 other residents and time consuming medical conditions prevent them being able to deal with these other commitments.

You may choose to make a booking to request an appointment to access the John XXIII College counselling service for a one-off session, to help inform an ongoing care plan or to seek general advice and information. You may choose to access the ANU counselling service if you are looking for more structured therapeutic interventions, assistance with academic documentation or on the days where the John XXIII College Counsellor is unavailable.

Where a resident is referred to an ANU counsellor by the staff of the College (Head of College & CEO, Deputy Head of College or Dean) it is mandatory that the resident accesses this service.

NOTE: It is important that at the time of admission to John XXIII College any residents with a medical condition (including a mental health condition) should report such to the Head of College & CEO or Deputy Head of College.