Why Choose Johns?

John XXIII College is a place where residents get a total university experience and become a part of a vibrant social community and make friends for life.   It’s a place where students feel at home as a part of the prestigious academic community at the ANU; having opportunities to mingle with professors and lecturers outside of study.

We are a Catholic College in the Dominican Tradition and their values are underpinning the life of the College reflected in our vision.  Our focus is on enriching the lives of our residents.

John XXIII College provides a world of opportunities and a balanced well-rounded university experience.

  • Study with academic support and tutorials
  • Play sports
  • Socialise and make friends
  • Be creative
  • Help communities in need and
  • Get involved!

No matter what your interests are John XXIII College can cater to your tastes and help you have an amazing and fulfilling residential tertiary experience.

2020 New Resident Accommodation Agreements commence on Sunday the 9th of February 2020.

Handbook 2019

John XXIII College Resident Policies & Procedures

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