Your time to shine

We are here to help you grow, learn and succeed. We offer a range of channels to help you achieve this, including student leadership positions, outreach programs, awards and scholarships.

Student leaders

Our student leaders are crucial to life at J23, adding a level of support and guidance that all of our residents greatly benefit from. See what roles are available and what takes your interest.


Community involvement

We are passionate about our community, both locally and further away from home. While we offer a range of established programs, students are invited to get the college involved areas they care about deeply too.



Our awards acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, with a formal presentation and monetary reward to say thanks for going above and beyond.



Scholarships are available to all J23 residents to reward our best and brightest as well as those dedicated to their studies.



We do everything we can to support our community, including offering bursaries as financial help for those unexpected hard times.

Student leadership

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Academic Advisors

Our Academic Advisors support and guide our first-year residents through the transition from school or home to university. They will teach the skills needed to learn at university and help if you’re having any trouble with your academic studies.

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IT Consultant

The College resident IT Consultant who assists residents with common computing and technology questions. This includes logging onto the internet, setting up AV equipment, installing anti-virus software, removing viruses and malware and other networking related issues.

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Resident’s Committee

The Resident’s Committee is a wonderful way to really get involved in College life.  Members have a great opportunity to contribute to the spirit of J23 through planning events and activities!

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Senior Residents

Our team of Senior Residents look after your day to day concerns, ensure your safety and support your physical and mental wellbeing. They are your first point of call if you have a concern with living at the College. They are also a valuable source of information on a variety of issues.

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St. Vincent de Paul Executive Officer

The St. Vincent de Paul Executive Officer is a prestigious leadership role at J23. They are not only a role model and active in daily college life, but also take on responsibilities for the annual St Dominic’s Conference. The conference promotes student engagement with poverty and disadvantage in the local community through active community service.


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Jon Stanhope Award

The College may confer the Jon Stanhope Award to the person who has given outstanding service to both the John XXIII College community and the ANU community.

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Giles Pickford Award

The Giles Pickford Award is presented to J23 Cultural Person of the Year who has performed exceptionally in cultural events in any given year.

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Spirit of John’s Award

This award recognises an outstanding student’s compassion and concern for the wellbeing of others while also advancing the spirit of the J23 community through active college participation.

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John’s Citizenship Awards

The John’s Citizenship Award recognises exemplary commitment to the college through a resident’s contribution to any three of the academic, spiritual, social, cultural or sporting profiles. Their peers must nominate recipients for this award, which can be given to two students per year.

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The Deputy Head of College Award

This award is given to the J23 corridor with the best academic marks for the first semester of the teaching year. It’s based on the average GPA of all residents in that section of J23.

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Semester Academic Awards

Each semester awards are granted to the resident with the highest GPA and average mark in their studies. This applies to all first, second, third and fourth year residents. The student with the biggest improvement in their GPA from the semester before also receives an award each semester.


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Fr Thomas Hegarty OP Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to the J23 undergraduate with the highest academic marks for the previous year.

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NAAUC Scholarships

The National Association of Australian University Colleges (NAAUC) host a national conference each year around Australia. The conference unites university students living on campus to inspire and empower them to create positive change in their residential communities. J23 offers scholarships to as many as three students to attend the week-long conference.

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Spiritual Leadership Scholarship

J23 supports the spiritual growth of residents with the Spiritual Leadership Scholarship available to those wishing to attend various conferences, seminars or workshops. Students are to identify and nominate a relevant event which contemplates the Catholic faith to be considered for this scholarship.

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Financial bursaries may be given to residents who are experiencing financial hardship. To be eligible you must remain enrolled in full-time study, with at least a pass grade average for your subjects and have had no disciplinary actions within the college.