Achieve your academic potential

We want you to achieve your academic goals and reduce stress surrounding your university subjects.

The Head of College & CEO, Deputy Head of College, Dean of Residents and Academic Advisors are all here to support those who are in need of academic advice.

Did you know that 85% of our residents receive a High Distinction, Distinction or Credit GPA.

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Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors (AAs) help deliver J23’s Academic Support Programme.

Under the guidance of the Dean, the AAs look after a group of new first year residents.

They offer tutorials covering academic skills and important course content as well as helping residents with their class selection, enrolments and referral to academic support services.

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Academic Tutor Programme

Additional Academic Tutors can be appointed to provide support in addition to the work of the AAs.

All of our residents can ask for extra help in any subject or academic skill by contacting the Dean. The College covers all associated costs and residents may request as many tutorials as required.

Tutors can be sourced from within the College, from ANU or from the wider community.

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Talk it out

College staff are here to guide our residents through their university experience, including helping with any academic concerns.

Our Dean of Residents is always a great first point of contact to get academic advice and determine what the best next step is; study group, personal tutoring or something else.

The Head of the College, Deputy and Dean are also available to discuss a range of topics like course suitability, how to transfer between courses, options when life circumstances change and impact your ability to study.